Ever wonder whether you are truly introspective?

i’ve always thought that i am and well i have my take on things and i know my temperament. i don’t really like criticism and even if i know i am in the wrong, i’ll be so stubborn to only apologize when the whole matter is settled and has cooled off.

and enough of my “introspection”.

i realize many moments of revelation and wise sayings tend to “pop out” when i’m communicating with someone else. then again i’m thankful for that since at least i know how i can benefit from those sayings and thoughts, which can even be a simple saying that goes, “we smile because we have something to hope for, we cry because there is still something that is worth worrying; and so be thankful”..

so if we’re more optimistic, approaching things with a carefree state of mind, we could influence those around us to become contented and happy too.. no?

“熬过去了更会珍惜,所以要坚持” 这是我跟一位中国小妹谈话中脱口而出的。。

发现每次跟人谈话 会不自禁冒出很有智慧/道理的话

因为 旁观者看得清楚 才可能说出一些领悟性的话

就这样渐渐接触了不同文化 就会学到不同的东西
希望在此笔下来 好提醒自己 或者让有缘读到的人收获一番



沟通是简单的 重要是看人要不要主动些,放心思去配合其他人的频率。


重要是保持心情 HIGH,乐观一些也会把快乐带给周围的人对吧?至少我这么认为。

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