A Food Hedonist..

I like the process of thinking, sometimes i think too much or am lost in my own thoughts.. but well most of the time i try to make more sense out of the things around me.

so we another PH lecture today and it was enjoyable, i think the weekly summary helps us understand more, hope i’ll do well.

speaking of which today we touched on the topic on Hedonism, talked about pleasure and pain and i think i can claim myself to be a food hedonist.

firstly in very general sense, Hedonism or people who are Hedonist strive to maximize pleasure, so for me i maximize the pleasure i get from food.

well so i would buy a really nice cupcake to enjoy.. anyways one of the best cupcakes i’ve ever tasted 
a strawberry chocolate cupcake from twelve cupcakes. it’s open by a pair of celebrity couple but star power is not enough to sell things, you need to have quality. well they have got both and so it’s a MUST TRY if you have the chance.
but sometimes when i buy them i’ll feel guilty, cos’ they are not exactly cheap, but i guess if it’s good it’ll be worth the price..

the above was one of the lunches i’ve had in school this week. it’s from the “Megabites Cafe” in FOS. i think mine is cabonara and well like all creamy pasta it’s extremely filling and i wouldn’t say it’s superb, but it’s not awful either. except you tend to get sick of it after finishing the whole plate..

this is not a totally random photo. it’s taken during geog tutorial and it’s given to us by our tutor Madame Kamal. just to mention we’re discussing about tourism and how apt this piece of biscuit was? hmm well it’s tasty too, i guess every food savoured during lesson would be really good.

the above is courtesy of my lovely mother, she made a grass-jelly drink and it’s the room temperature kind, not the chilled one. i personally prefer grass-jelly dessert at such a temperature cos it’s not too chilly that it can bring out the taste of the grass-jelly itself.. and as always, home cook food is the best =)

a totally random but close to heart post.. school is hectic and all. trying to cope and hopefully survive really well, but i reckon this post is dedicated to all the yummy food that i’ve ever eaten, and will eat. after all we got to enjoy life’s pleasure and one of mine is definitely FOOD.

spoken like a true food hedonist~


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