Last Train Home

No procrastinating but sometimes i just lose that discipline required.. well perhaps my procrastination is not really bad (attempting to justify myself)..

anyway, i was watching a documentary on Biography Channel and personally it is really heartbreaking yet touching.

“Last Train Home” a film dedicated to migrant workers in China. i personally visited the country several times, always seeing the developed side of it and how much progress it brought. this film opened another world of that developed side to me.

in general it follows a family where both parents are migrant workers and left home for almost a decade to find work in the city. the downside would be leaving their children back at home with limited parental care.

it shows the effect and consequences of the choice made by the parents and how it affected one of their child, who sadly, took the same path as her parents did.

my personal thoughts on this would be, you cannot blame the child for she lacked guidance and therefore was unable to think it through. at the same time, i feel sad for the family. sometimes is it worth earning money at the expense of a family’s harmony and even reunion?

yet, i am in no position to comment. these people had no choice and it’s a matter of livelihood. if only someone was there to guide and if only the child understood her parents’ intentions.

after the film i can only say i am fortunate to be blessed with a life that doesn’t require me to worry about livelihood and i shall try my best to make best use of what i have.

for even a family’s reunion is considered a luxury, a blessing.

then again that family’s plight is only a fraction of what’s present, so watch the film. scenes of people shoving and pushing at trains stations just to get back home. only ONCE a year, to be reunited with their family. it would provoke thoughts and even more so, emotions.


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