“When life throws you lemons, make yummy lemonade” my teacher once used this to motivate our class and I remembered it since.

School is much more demanding than I thought and well more freedom means more control needed. “With great power comes great responsibility” right?

Anyways it’s just a short update to let the steam off.. so the weekend is finally here means I’m one week closer to the next and I desperately need more time let’s peek at the weekend TO-DO List… INSANE~

1) Consolidate CH1101E Lec1
2) Read SC1101E Wk2 Readings
3) Complete PH1102E Weekly Summary
4) Read SC1101E or risk being lost in lecture..
5) Read GE1101E readings, got to start there’s like 20pages multiply by at least three readings!? pick and read i guess..
6) Pre-read CH Lec2 to prevent being CLUELESS..

Lesson learnt from this week: Bring at least one module’s readings or coursepack to maximize time in school…

this morning was great, I have this sudden motivation or rather energy to just finish anything that comes my way or am stuck with me.. hopefully i can finish and now i cherish piano playing more than ever.

went out with a friend to Clementi Mall to get eclairs yesterday night, benefit of being in a hostel i guess?  and i’m going to buy a new novel no matter what, i need to have a non-academic thing with me in school.

“他们那灿烂的笑容随伴着他们人生的道路。“ from an article i read on the papers.. SMILE~


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