Good breakfast and sumptuous looking shows..

always like to start the day with a good breakfast, if i have the time i’ll make my own with whatever i can find in the fridge.

the process of cooking is cathartic for me, making a nice meal from raw ingredients. it gives me a sense of satisfaction that i am good at this, maybe not restaurant standard, but i’m confident it’s presentable to the outside world.

if i have all the time in the world, i would want to bake and cook something each day.. don’t really know how i get the recipes, because very often i just cook them with a rough idea at the back of my mind.

here is the recipe for today’s breakfast.. 

The Vegetables 
1) Two large asparagus, cooked in boiling water for awhile. Remove from boiling water and soak in ice water bath. This retains the fresh green of the vegetables.

2) Skin and slice one potato, cooked in boiling water until semi-soft.

3) Heat up pan, put in butter and toss in pot

atoes. Constantly fry until golden brown, add in asparagus and continue the process. Sprinkle salt and black pepper, mix well. 

Egg in the Hole
1) Make a hole in the center of a piece of bread. 

2) Spread butter/margarine on both sides of the bread

3) Heat up pan and put the bread in, do take note of the strength of the fire. 

4) Crack an egg into the hole in the middle and fry the egg on both sides of bread. The
dish is ready when both sides of bread turns golden brown and the egg is cooked. Adjust cooking time for egg yolk to be cooked to one’s preference. 

speaking of sumptuous shows, i was watching Junior Master Chef (Australia) while enjoying my breakfast and i was instantly impressed by the participants. Ranging from ages 8-14, they cooked up dishes which are of restaurant standard. honestly speaking i’m quite envious of them. they really get the chance to flex their muscles at something they like and were given plenty of opportunities to hone their skills.

i’ll watch this show everyday if i can, and i know that cooking “speaks” to me just like the food i’ve always enjoyed.


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