On a new journey.

school has just started. a mixture of ups and downs i guess…

thankful that i have my friends with me, they give me great comfort to start this new, unfamiliar and exciting journey. not sure if it’s exciting in the good or bad, hopefully it’s the former.

thankful to have my family with me. a constant source of support. unconditionally.

downs.. i guess time is needed to get use to the new environment and i urgently need to adapt well. not as well as i had expected and well we’re always chasing after better things, easier way out don’t we? i’m not sure about my easier way out, maybe there isn’t one.

would there be a better situation? hope so. if not adapt would be the word to remember.

it never fails to puzzle me why is it that when we’re not part of something we strive and aim to be part of it. once we are, we just don’t feel as excited. or maybe it’s up to us to make it exciting and nice too?

yet something remains unchanged. no one has ever spelled out the negative side of things or offer even a glimmer of reality. so you’re quite lost and perhaps a little disappointed when things don’t necessarily turn out to be what you had hoped for.

maybe i’m just too stubborn and naive wanting things to be simple, carefree and with more consistency.

yet with all the gloom looming around… there’s always something that can change our thoughts positively.

1) “You can either grumble because roses have thorns or you can choose to be thankful because thorns have roses. The choice is yours.”

2) “The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists.” – Who Moved My Cheese?

3) “Sometimes the only sense you can make out of life is a sense of humour.”


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