Ever wonder whether you are truly introspective?

i’ve always thought that i am and well i have my take on things and i know my temperament. i don’t really like criticism and even if i know i am in the wrong, i’ll be so stubborn to only apologize when the whole matter is settled and has cooled off.

and enough of my “introspection”.

i realize many moments of revelation and wise sayings tend to “pop out” when i’m communicating with someone else. then again i’m thankful for that since at least i know how i can benefit from those sayings and thoughts, which can even be a simple saying that goes, “we smile because we have something to hope for, we cry because there is still something that is worth worrying; and so be thankful”..

so if we’re more optimistic, approaching things with a carefree state of mind, we could influence those around us to become contented and happy too.. no?

“熬过去了更会珍惜,所以要坚持” 这是我跟一位中国小妹谈话中脱口而出的。。

发现每次跟人谈话 会不自禁冒出很有智慧/道理的话

因为 旁观者看得清楚 才可能说出一些领悟性的话

就这样渐渐接触了不同文化 就会学到不同的东西
希望在此笔下来 好提醒自己 或者让有缘读到的人收获一番



沟通是简单的 重要是看人要不要主动些,放心思去配合其他人的频率。


重要是保持心情 HIGH,乐观一些也会把快乐带给周围的人对吧?至少我这么认为。


A Food Hedonist..

I like the process of thinking, sometimes i think too much or am lost in my own thoughts.. but well most of the time i try to make more sense out of the things around me.

so we another PH lecture today and it was enjoyable, i think the weekly summary helps us understand more, hope i’ll do well.

speaking of which today we touched on the topic on Hedonism, talked about pleasure and pain and i think i can claim myself to be a food hedonist.

firstly in very general sense, Hedonism or people who are Hedonist strive to maximize pleasure, so for me i maximize the pleasure i get from food.

well so i would buy a really nice cupcake to enjoy.. anyways one of the best cupcakes i’ve ever tasted 
a strawberry chocolate cupcake from twelve cupcakes. it’s open by a pair of celebrity couple but star power is not enough to sell things, you need to have quality. well they have got both and so it’s a MUST TRY if you have the chance.
but sometimes when i buy them i’ll feel guilty, cos’ they are not exactly cheap, but i guess if it’s good it’ll be worth the price..

the above was one of the lunches i’ve had in school this week. it’s from the “Megabites Cafe” in FOS. i think mine is cabonara and well like all creamy pasta it’s extremely filling and i wouldn’t say it’s superb, but it’s not awful either. except you tend to get sick of it after finishing the whole plate..

this is not a totally random photo. it’s taken during geog tutorial and it’s given to us by our tutor Madame Kamal. just to mention we’re discussing about tourism and how apt this piece of biscuit was? hmm well it’s tasty too, i guess every food savoured during lesson would be really good.

the above is courtesy of my lovely mother, she made a grass-jelly drink and it’s the room temperature kind, not the chilled one. i personally prefer grass-jelly dessert at such a temperature cos it’s not too chilly that it can bring out the taste of the grass-jelly itself.. and as always, home cook food is the best =)

a totally random but close to heart post.. school is hectic and all. trying to cope and hopefully survive really well, but i reckon this post is dedicated to all the yummy food that i’ve ever eaten, and will eat. after all we got to enjoy life’s pleasure and one of mine is definitely FOOD.

spoken like a true food hedonist~





mental state of mind…

“i am an egg, empty myself and i’m recharged, rejuvinated!”

for the sake of fun, maybe it’ll work? haha



其中的回忆只有我记住了 只属于我自己的
很想分享 有机会一定会

有机会还要再来一次 曾经说过不留恋,
但愿 扣人心弦的体验不止一回
但愿 随性的体验再次伴我行

扣人心弦 表达得最恰当

再来 人生如戏,真与假难分辨
全力以赴 从容应对


Last Train Home

No procrastinating but sometimes i just lose that discipline required.. well perhaps my procrastination is not really bad (attempting to justify myself)..

anyway, i was watching a documentary on Biography Channel and personally it is really heartbreaking yet touching.

“Last Train Home” a film dedicated to migrant workers in China. i personally visited the country several times, always seeing the developed side of it and how much progress it brought. this film opened another world of that developed side to me.

in general it follows a family where both parents are migrant workers and left home for almost a decade to find work in the city. the downside would be leaving their children back at home with limited parental care.

it shows the effect and consequences of the choice made by the parents and how it affected one of their child, who sadly, took the same path as her parents did.

my personal thoughts on this would be, you cannot blame the child for she lacked guidance and therefore was unable to think it through. at the same time, i feel sad for the family. sometimes is it worth earning money at the expense of a family’s harmony and even reunion?

yet, i am in no position to comment. these people had no choice and it’s a matter of livelihood. if only someone was there to guide and if only the child understood her parents’ intentions.

after the film i can only say i am fortunate to be blessed with a life that doesn’t require me to worry about livelihood and i shall try my best to make best use of what i have.

for even a family’s reunion is considered a luxury, a blessing.

then again that family’s plight is only a fraction of what’s present, so watch the film. scenes of people shoving and pushing at trains stations just to get back home. only ONCE a year, to be reunited with their family. it would provoke thoughts and even more so, emotions.

“When life throws you lemons, make yummy lemonade” my teacher once used this to motivate our class and I remembered it since.

School is much more demanding than I thought and well more freedom means more control needed. “With great power comes great responsibility” right?

Anyways it’s just a short update to let the steam off.. so the weekend is finally here means I’m one week closer to the next and I desperately need more time let’s peek at the weekend TO-DO List… INSANE~

1) Consolidate CH1101E Lec1
2) Read SC1101E Wk2 Readings
3) Complete PH1102E Weekly Summary
4) Read SC1101E or risk being lost in lecture..
5) Read GE1101E readings, got to start there’s like 20pages multiply by at least three readings!? pick and read i guess..
6) Pre-read CH Lec2 to prevent being CLUELESS..

Lesson learnt from this week: Bring at least one module’s readings or coursepack to maximize time in school…

this morning was great, I have this sudden motivation or rather energy to just finish anything that comes my way or am stuck with me.. hopefully i can finish and now i cherish piano playing more than ever.

went out with a friend to Clementi Mall to get eclairs yesterday night, benefit of being in a hostel i guess?  and i’m going to buy a new novel no matter what, i need to have a non-academic thing with me in school.

“他们那灿烂的笑容随伴着他们人生的道路。“ from an article i read on the papers.. SMILE~

Learning new things

i hope i am slowly getting the idea of what university is like? maybe it’s a small matter to others but personally i think that getting the idea of something closely related to you is important. it’s important that you don’t feel lost in a system you’re in.

well so i kept an open mind and took up a science general module in school: Environmental Biology. i was quite surprise what i got out from the first lecture, maybe it’s not such a big matter about my discovery and the first impression may not account for subsequent part of the module.

nevertheless i was exposed to this thing called: Baloney Detection Kit. something that gave me a different perspective of what Science can be about.. so i thought i would pen this down somewhere =)